UPDATE: April 10th, 2011
A new batch of the Mamami Rainbow Girasol has just been delivered to us. As Girasol made a mistake in weaving (they left out one stripe of the design), I decided to sell this batch at a 30% discount. For ordering info scroll down to the bottom of this page!

It is here! The second exclusive Girasol wrap from Mamami: meet Mamami Rainbow!

mamami rainbow

The design incorporates a rainbow on a light blue background, different colored rails for easy wrapping, tapered or fringed ends and the choice of three different weft colors, which produce three different wraps.

The wrap was woven in three versions, with warm grey, red and blue weft thread, producing three sister wraps with a unique personality for each of them. They turned out accoording to plan:

  • the grey weft preserves the original colors of the rainbow, producing a truly multicolor rainbow wrap. This wrap is a subdued beauty when inside, and truely comes alive when you go outside to natural light!
  • the red weft gives it a warm glow and reddish hue.
  • the blue weft gives it a cooler shade.

The amazing grey weft version in outdoor natural light (the greyish stripe on top is actually much bluer in real life, see pic above or 3rd pic down the page!):

And a comparison of the three wraps inside with artificial light:

And in action:

Grey weft outside (that’s me :) ):

Blue weft inside (customer photo, thank you!):

Blue weft version

Red weft outside (customer photo, thank you!):

Red weft

To order your very own Mamami Rainbow Girasol wrap, please fill out this form and pay for your order via Paypal. If you live within the EU and wish to pay via bank transfer instead please email me at rainbow@mamami.hu to order.

The prices for the wrap are as follows:

The long awaited new weaving of the Mamami Rainbow Girasol Exclusive arrived to me about 2 weeks ago, and while sorting the wraps, I realized that the weaver made a mistake, they left out one stripe of the design. The last stripe of the rainbow, the broader purple stripe is missing from the wrap. It is beautiful and colourful and so much fun to wrap with, but as it is not the original design, I decided to discount it by 30%.

Here is a comparison pic of the original weaving and the current weaving that shows the difference (I put arrows on the picture:

New weaving

Of course the missing stripe in no way affects the usability or quality of the wrap, it is only a design issue.

To compensate for the difference in the design of this weaving (see the top of the page), the new prices for the remaining wraps are:

ringsling was: $65, now: $45.50
2.6 m
was: $65, now: $45.50
3.2 m
was: $75, now: $52.50
3.6 m was: $85, now: $59.50
4.2 m was: $95, now: $66.50
4.6 m
was: $105, now: $73.50
5.2 m
was: $115, now: $80.50

Fringes do not cost any extra! Shipping is US $18 per wrap via registered priority airmail, worldwide. I ship to all countries, no need to ask! :)

To place your order please choose from the options below. Please note that this is all the stock I have, Paypal tracks inventory for me, so if an option is not listed here, it is currently not available or was already bought by someone!

These wraps are here and ready to ship. Airmail packages take about 2 weeks to arrive anywhere in the world from me.