Update May 21st, 2013: we are selling the last wraps at rock bottom prices. Most likely this is the last chance to grap this great wrap, as we are no longer reordering from Girasol. Scroll down to the end of this page for the order form!

Welcome to Mamami, the Hungarian Babywearing and Natural Parenting Community, just over a year old, with 2000+ members. (We even have a thread in English. :) )

The Mamami Girasol, our exclusive wrap was first woven by Girasol in the summer of 2009 and quickly sold out. We decided to order a new weaving of it in 2012. The wraps are already ready and arrived at the Girasol headquarters in Germany and will be shipped to us the week of November 19th.

More action pics here!

To order our wrap, please fill out the below form.

Wraps are shipped to you via registered priority airmail. (Delivery takes about 4-5 days within Europe and 7-10 days to the US and elsewhere around the world.)

LAST CHANCE! Order the remaining wraps from the last (most likely ever) weaving of this wrap at rock bottom prices:


4.2 m - $80 (original price: $105)
4.6 m - $85 (original price: $115)
5.2 m - $93 (original price: $125)

Shipping: $12 (priority airmail, worldwide) per wrap.

All prices in USD.